StayVisit Helps Local Business, Allie and Friends Preschool Attract New Potential Students.

Maria Kirkpatrick of StayVisit produced a digital model of Allie and Friends using Matterport technology.

StayVisit’s service can provide parents the ability to examine and explore what amenities, facilities, tools and class room environments their children will be emersed in as they start their education at Allie and Friends.“We feel this technology can provide parents of current and prospective students the ability to experience what the classroom and school setting is like while they are still researching their options without needing to leave their home.” said Maria Kirkpatrick. “This will enable parents to have a better understanding of a space than pictures and videos alone”

Located in the old Minden Montessori school building, this 5,576 square foot building offers 4 large classrooms, which are divided up to provide age appropriate learning and social development. Each classroom and section offers unique activities and teaching tools specific to the ages and levels of the classes. With our Three dimensional models, parents can navigate, explore and examine what their kids will be able to experience and learn from as a student.

Providing these comprehensive 3D virtual tours will supplement the information on Allie and Friends’ site, such as staff profiles, still photos and curriculum to give parents the information they need to take the next step in selecting their daycare.