Who We Serve

The technology of 3D Scanning offers many advantages over traditional photography and videography. Because of it’s immersive and interactive experience, you and your audience can have freedom like never before to explore, discover, examine and highlight features which may either go unnoticed or deemed unimportant by a traditional photographer or videographer. We can help your audiences get the whole picture, from anywhere. Here is a short list of some of the industries we serve.

Real Estate Professionals

We provide you and your sellers the ability to show and attract potential buyers regardless of their time constraints and physical location. Buyers can experience a home from anywhere at anytime. They will no longer be limited by their ability to to travel to your listing’s location in order to get a sense of what the home feels like inside. Professional photography, and video are great and certainly have their place, but still limit your audiences ability to relate to a property.

We can help your clients understand the space, each rooms relationship to one another and how the layout feels to them.

Imagine how powerful it will be when offering StayVisit’s 3D Scanning services to your clients at your next listing presentation and letting your potential seller’s know that their home can be visited from anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of timing and geographic complications.

Hospitality Industry

We provide hoteliers, vacation rental owners, convention centers, banquet and dining establishments the ability to show off their location and facility to upcoming and potential guests allowing them to see and explore the services offered to them.

Allowing guests to tour and randomly explore your location would not ordinarily be possible or recommended. With our 3D Scanning service, your guest can view the property virtually, without interrupting current guest viewing spaces that has yet to be cleaned and ready for the next service. We can offer your future and potential guests the ability to experience the location when it is in its most welcoming condition without compromising on the service that you provide existing guests.

Criminal Investigation

Imagine being able to capture the details of a location such as a crime scene in its entirety and be able to revisit, explore and discover within that location, as it was at the time the space was scanned, at your convenience. We also make it possible to get measurements* and understand relationships of a floor plan, furniture and contents of a property in a whole new way. The technology we use and service we provide can help you and your department be more effective and more efficient.

Legal Defense and Prosecution

StayVisit can enable you to make more compelling arguments on behalf of your clients. We offer 3D scanning and the ability to explore, discover and examine details that may hold relevance to your argument. The modeling and virtual experiences we offer can be used to create a video, still photos, and take measurements which may be useful in developing your case. The ability show how a property’s rooms, objects and floor plan is orientated relative to one another is hugely powerful and can provides a connection and understanding that may not be understandable from traditional stand alone videos and still photography.


Because we capture the space in nearly its entirety at the time it the scans within the model was captured we can offer a record of the condition and contents of that space. This record can be useful for taking inventory and showing the “before” in the unfortunate event that warrants calling it “after” such as disaster or other claimable loss.

Historical Preservation

Scanning a property in 3D and creating a model can recreate a space digitally to be enjoyed and examined at anytime. The model can be used to take measurements, create stills and keep record of how a property looked and was played out at the time the scanning was done. Imagine being able to examine a structure that could not be preserved through any other means or being to gather information on understanding or measuring multiple architectural features without having to travel to the location each time. This information could also be used if someone were to recreate a space of historical value or to present a case to get funding or agreement to preserve an existing property.


We can enable visitors the ability to explore your museum from anywhere in the world. Of course nothing would diminish the ability to view, study learn about objects and art in person, but 3d virtual tours may enable people to view an exhibit that would otherwise be unable to physically attend them. Allowing people from all over the globe to preview and learn just what a particular museum has to offer may also provide an incentive to actualize their virtual experience, where can read the placards, talk to a museum curator, learn about items in a collection, and get the whole experience.