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StayVisit’s Matterport Service

StayVisit gives people the ability to “Visit another place without leaving.” We are the first to offer Matterport imaging services in Northern Nevada, servicing Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Carson City and Carson Valley and Reno Sparks areas. We use Matterport to capture interior spaces and “as built” representations of a space and providing multiple options for viewing and using this information. Fields and businesses that may benefit from these services include real estate sales and leasing, construction, hospitality, education, law enforcement, tourism and others.

What makes this experience so different? Capturing an interior space differs from a video or a photo gallery which guide the viewer to only what videographer or photographer feel the viewer will be interested in, which has its value. But even more powerful is allowing your viewers to have unguided exploration, which enables one to understand a space in their own way. Viewers can learn not only the layout in a familiar way, but also can connect on an emotional level. With a 3D self guided tour, a user can get the experience soul of a property; of everything but the smell of homemade food and the feel of the new carpet beneath their feet.

Unlike photography, which makes it difficult to determine size, location, and orientation of a space because of how the image was taken, cropped, and variations of lighting and lenses used, this technology allows people to view the same room from different perspectives and different vantage points. Video and traditional virtual tours can provide only a limited understanding of the a feel, orientation and scale of a space.

This technology, because of the way it captures the interior of a property, is also valuable to digitally preserve that space, so viewers can see what a place looked like at a given period of time. Construction contractors can show progress. Investigators can go back and look for evidence. Attorneys can build more compelling arguments. Historians can preserve and view properties. Contents and details of a property can be digitally recorded for insurance purposes. The list of users is endless.

Despite the technology being advanced, it really is easy to use, and can easily be viewed via a browser on mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, or on a traditional computer. The controls to allow the viewer to explore are displayed upon loading and is very intuitive. This technology also may soon be used to allow viewers to experience via Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift, or on Google Cardboard, which allows users to easily and inexpensively turn their existing smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Because access to view a model is so easy, there are few limitations to who can view them, meaning things like distance, scheduling and limited mobility do not affect ones ability to visit your property.

So, besides being cutting edge and unique, what else makes this so useful? Besides creating a visual walkthrough for your viewers, it takes measurements. This information is used to create a mesh model onto which images of the home are overplayed. Once this is done it can then be used to create an as-built floorpan or take measurements within the space without a need to return to that space. (Imagine not needing to return home to see if that sofa that is on sale will fit through the door.) One can also annotate the space to label points of interest within. Another benefit is that all the images are captured in 1920 x 1024 resolution, which is just shy of what appears on a Full HD television set. These still images offer enough resolution for small prints and for posting on the internet such a properties listed on the MLS. Lastly, a virtual walkthrough can be recorded to create a video.

Save a space ditigally to preserve, share and explore.

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With this technology it is possible to save all visual and spacial aspects of an interior space, to view revisit and explore at anytime and from anywhere.

The Models Can Be Interacted With

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Once a model is complete, it is possible to take and display measurements.