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StayVisit’s Matterport Service

StayVisit gives people the ability to “Visit another place without leaving.” We are the first to offer Matterport imaging services in Northern Nevada, servicing Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Carson City and Carson Valley and Reno Sparks areas. We use Matterport to capture interior spaces and “as built” representations of a space and providing multiple options for viewing and using this information. Fields and businesses that may benefit from these services include real estate sales and leasing, construction, hospitality, education, law enforcement, tourism and others.


What makes this experience so different? Capturing an interior space differs from a video or a photo gallery which guide the viewer to only what videographer or photographer feel the viewer will be interested in, which has its value. But even more powerful is allowing your viewers to have unguided exploration, which enables one to understand a space in their own way. Viewers can learn not only the layout in a familiar way, but also can connect on an emotional level. With a 3D self guided tour, a user can get the experience soul of a property; of everything but the smell of homemade food and the feel of the new carpet beneath their feet.

Unlike photography, Matterport makes it easy to determine size, location, and orientation of a space because. Photos can be deceptive because of how the image was taken, cropped, and variations of lighting and lenses used. Matterport technology allows people to view the same room from different perspectives and different vantage points. Video and traditional virtual tours can provide only a limited understanding of the a feel, orientation and scale of a space.

This technology, because of the way it captures the interior of a property, is also valuable to digitally preserve that space, so viewers can see what a place looked like at a given period of time. Construction contractors can show progress. Investigators can go back and look for evidence. Attorneys can build more compelling arguments. Historians can preserve and view properties. Contents and details of a property can be digitally recorded for insurance purposes. The list of users is endless.

Despite the technology being advanced, it really is easy to use, and can easily be viewed via a browser on mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, or on a traditional computer. The controls to allow the viewer to explore are displayed upon loading and is very intuitive. This technology also may soon be used to allow viewers to experience via Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift, or on Google Cardboard, which allows users to easily and inexpensively turn their existing smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Because access to view a model is so easy, there are few limitations to who can view them, meaning things like distance, scheduling and limited mobility do not affect ones ability to visit your property.

So, besides being cutting edge and unique, what else makes this so useful? Besides creating a visual walkthrough for your viewers, it takes measurements. This information is used to create a mesh model onto which images of the home are overplayed. Once this is done it can then be used to create an as-built floorpan or take measurements within the space without a need to return to that space. (Imagine not needing to return home to see if that sofa that is on sale will fit through the door.) One can also annotate the space to label points of interest within or create links to provide additional information or link to another tour. Another benefit is that all the still images created are captured with our new Matterport Pro2 camera are 8092 x 4552 (0r 36 megapixel) resolution, which is larger than what appears on a 4K UHD television set. These still images offer enough resolution for even large prints and can be cropped for posting on the internet such a properties listed on the MLS. Lastly, a virtual walkthrough can be recorded to create a video. This makes our service an economical all in one service.

Still Photography

While our matterport takes impressive downloadable still photos, it still does not compare to professional photography. Matterport virtual tours are great for all the reasons mentioned above, but only if someone finds your listing or inquires about the property to be able to open up the Matterport link. A stunning photograph can make all the difference. With years of experience, using high quality lenses, lighting and camera bodies we can show your property in a way unachievable any other way.

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. It doesn’t matter how good your lenses are or how good your camera is, if you can’t get propper lighting, you won’t get amazing results. Natural light is rarely ideal for capturing a home’s features. It is often too harsh and too distracting. Sharp shadows and harsh brights spots take distract features at best and completely hide them at worst. We use lighting to even out the natural lighting to capture an image that showcases features in a way that appears natural and stunning.

Composition is the next most important aspect for a stellar image. Knowing how to compose a shot is vital. Obviously not every home is a model home, and not every space in a home is going to be particularly architecturally interesting. With skill and knowledge we can choose a shot and then using proper camera placement and lenses we can capture a shot that that not only presents key features of home or building but do so in an artistic way that is appealing and natural.

Lense choices are a part of composition. Quality lenses For instance some photographers over use wide and ultra wide lenses to try to get everything into one shot or to make a room look even bigger. We feel this is a mistake. Wide angle lenses exaggerate the sense scale of objects based on how close they are to the lense. Objects close to the lense appear huge and distorted while objects far away appear small and miniscule. This makes it difficult to understand a rooms scale and size or is distracting. Using a less wide lense, we can create an image that appears more natural a smaller but more intimate portion or a space in a way that appears more natural and inviting. This is not to say that wide lenses are not useful. In fact they are very useful for small rooms where everything is relatively equally distant from the camera, to get really close to an object or area and highlight close up features and allow less important objects to shrink off in a distant background. On other example is when it seems in an image that half of it is taken up by a blank expansive ceiling. Using a proper lens, we can push the ceiling up out of the frame and concentrate the view on the room below without changing the lines of perspective allowing the vertical lines of the walls to stay upright and parallel.

Aerial photography is a hot topic right now. It seems that everyone thinks they need aerial photography and a lot of aerial photographs. We use and recommend aerial photographs based on an understanding of what benefits they provide. They are great for understanding a structures orientation on the lot and distance from neighbors. They are great for getting a straight in shot of a home high up on a hill too. Sometimes however they are over used or used to little benefit. A home in the trees and their shadows is going to be barely noticeable. A track home close to its neighbors will blend in. A home with roof that is in bad shape or with an unkept yard or neighbors yard is going to bare it all.

Camera and post processing are the least important aspect. Without all the thought and skill that went into lighting and composing a shot, what you capture with the camera will not matter much. and no matter how much one works with it using post production software, there will be poor results. Modern cameras allow us to see what we take instantly and make adjustments on the spot. There is a lot of talk about mirrorless vs DSLR. Mirrorless systems currently seem to have an advantage for auto focusing and frame rate (shots per second) which are fantastic for sports. For us, taking pictures of architecture and real estate and other non-moving subjects, these features are the least important. For us, lens choices and dynamic range were the most important deciding factor. We currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV which enables us to natively use Canon’s vast library of lenses. Post proccessing is much more about skill and style of the photographer. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is often used because it provides great economical results without the need and costs for the time and lighting. When used properly, it can produce images that are very natural, beautiful and has the dynamic range to capture the brighter areas such as outside the windows and darker areas inside the room. When over used, we feel it produces images that appear soft with coloring that seems unnatural.

Save a space ditigally to preserve, share and explore.

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With this technology it is possible to save all visual and spacial aspects of an interior space, to view revisit and explore at anytime and from anywhere.

The Models Can Be Interacted With

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Once a model is complete, it is possible to take and display measurements.